Apartment Find for Felons

Pending Felony Charges

Pending Charges - not only do you have legal problems, you have apt problems
Pending Charges not only mean Legal Problems - It means you now have a problem finding an apartment

It's almost impossible if you have a pending felony charge to find an apartment without professional assistance

Why not ask for my help?  No one, that I know of in Texas, specializes in this sub-segment: Apartments for People With Pending Felony Charges.

I help, no matter the situation.  I help people rent in the best apartments possible.  Unless you have been denied, you might be surprised that of the major apartment companies in Texas, only two to my knowledge will accept a Pending Felony Charge.  You finding them without risking and losing your application and administration fees is, well, almost impossible.

I had a client tell me that the apartment community that she first applied at, and was turned down, "treated me as a criminal before I had even seen a judge".  She was Guilty in the apartment's eyes.  It doesn't have to be that way.

The extra burden of the stress and losing application fees can bury you.The weight you are carrying is great enough.  Your finances are probably strained with the legal expenses you are facing. You don't have to be buried by apartment application fees and the stress that goes along with the hunt.  

Click on this FIND MY TX APT link to get me working for you.  My services are FREE.  Or call me today at 832-303-3002 or Toll-Free, during business hours, at 888-480-9961.

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