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I recommend the ALL CITY FORM and not this form. There are too many browers and some don't work with this form. I suggest you copy the ALL CITY FORM and send it to AptFindFelons@Gmail.com using your Email address. 
Text me at 832-303-3002 and put your Email and the word FORM in the text
(Example: JohnDoe@Gmail.com FORM)

Note on Area Requested - I prefer a Zip code so I can zero in on the area that's best for you. If you aren't sure of a zip, here is what I will search if you use the Check Box to give me your preference:
Ft Worth Requirements for my services:

1. Income over $1700 Gross a month; income must be 2.5 to 3 times the expected rent
2. Felony (except DWI felony) under 5 years since conviction or not off parole for 5
3. Deferred Felony or Deferred Misdemeanor once probation has ended successfully
4. No more than 1 rental history issue: Broken Lease, Eviction, or Apartment Debt.
5. No multiple felonies less than 7  years since conviction and off parole
6. No violent felonies less than 10 years since conviction and off parole
7. Misdemeanors can be current but violent misdemeanors are tougher to place

* Cannot be a Registered Sex Offender; none of the apts I work with will take an RSO

AptFindFelons Ft Worth Locating Application

It is essiential that the information on this form be complete and correct. All fields that apply are Required. 


When the form is successfully sent, you will see a large image of a Cowboy with a Branding Iron with a green check "brand".

While I can place most people who meet the above requirements, your rental history (broken leases and evictions) can stop you from renting. I suggest running your credit report or paying to have it done.
Applicant Information (Person with Criminal Issues)
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Applicant Total Felonies: *
Applicant Nature of Charges (Drugs, DWI, Theft, etc.): *
Last Release Date: *
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Area Requested:
Other Issues: *
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Co-Applicant Information (Leave Blank if NONE)
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Financial, Rental History and Employment Information
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Property Information
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Other Requirements or None
Other Information
Please Comment about how and why your life has changed; this helps me to "sell your case" to Apartment Managers and Leasing Agents:
Planned Move-In Date:
I will use "JOHN" as my Referral Source PLUS I also agree to allow him to run my criminal record so he can place me. YOU AGREE THAT THIS IS VALID CONTRACT AND YOU UNDERSTAND THAT CIVIL & CRIMINAL PENALTIES MAY APPLY IF YOU DON'T LIST HIM ON APARTMENTS HE FINDS FOR YOU.  *

If you get a grayed out SUBMIT button or the form doesn't process, try putting 999 or XYZ in ALL BLANK fields and verify that all required fields are completed. Or use the PDF or MS Word Form above

Once you see the SUCCESS screen you only have 3
more simple Steps to earn your Free Gift Card:

1. Fill in Apartment Guest Cards and Applications with
JOHN (and his company - see the final Email with the full instructions). John uses his phone number as his "last name".

2. Notify
JOHN with your Move-In Date and Unit# by using this site's Update - Apt Status option.

3. Call or update
JOHN when you move in. I need your mailing address to mail you your Free Gift Card. Take a
second and click on the image of the "gold guy holding a sign" to download ourBusiness Card, then print it on your printer and cut it out and take it with you.