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Internet Form, MS Word Form E-Mail Attachment, Call or Text.

There are 
4 Different Ways 

can contact me to 
search for 
your Texas Apartment

1. Fill out one of the ON-LINE FORMS that are in the sub-menu (to the left). Or you can select the images link to the forms. You will find one for each of the 5 major cities (Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio).  

Note: You must meet the Requirements on each City's Form to qualify for almost all TX Apts.

This is the fastest way to complete the information & get it to me; I work this input type FIRST.

Click here to go to the DFW-E or Dallas on-line form - the fast way to request an AptSelect this image to go to the FT Worth and DFW-W online formHoustons on-line form can be accessed by clicking this imageClick here to go to the Austin on-line form The on-line form for San Antonio can be accessed by clicking this image


2. I don't recommend it, but you can DOWNLOAD one of the Microsoft Word Forms below. Just click on the image with your area's name & save the form to your PC.  You can then fill out the form in MS Word on your PC at your leisure.
You must meet the Requirements on each City's Form to qualify for almost all TX Apts.

Dallas or DFW-E form  - just left click to download.Left click to download the DFW-W  MS Word formLeft click to download the Houston MS Word form The Austin MS Word form can be downloaded with a Left ClickLeft click to download the MS Word San Antonio Apt form

Here are  the steps:
a. just LEFT CLICK on the Cowboy and save the DOC form to your Computer 
b. Open the file with Microsoft Word - this may happen automatically if your PC is set up that way
c. Complete the form on your Computer - answer all the fields or say NONE if it doesn't apply
d. Save it with the BLANKNAME on the file replaced with your last name
e. Upload it to your e-mail program, be sure to attached the form or DOC file
f. E-mail it to me at AptFindFelons@Gmail.com; verify the form is attached to the E-mail
g. The subject line should include your Area & Name - Example: Dallas Jones Apt Request

Do not handwrite on the form with cursive writing, use MS Word or PRINT to complete.

* Or FAX your Word form to me - my toll-free Fax number is 1-888-480-2642 *


3. You can call me.  I spend most of my day on the phone so your chances of reachingYou can try calling me at 832-303-3002. me directly during business hours are slim; however, I will try to call you back. I do answer my cell phone from 5:30 pm until 7:30 pm.  Just call me at 832-303-3002. I usually just end up texting you information about how to get to my site and access the FIND MY TX APT FORM so you might just want to do that anyway.


4. You can TEXT me at 832-303-3002 and I will call  you back or TEXT you back. Please 
TEXT me at 832-303-3002
let me know who you are (First Name will do and your number).  Tell me NEW to let me know you are a new client and I will TEXT you instructions to go to my site and access the FIND MY TX APT FORM. But not all texts get through to me; it's faster just to go to the FIND MY TX APT FORM yourself.

Please be aware that I work hard to place you. A few of my client's have decided to try to
cheat me out of my commission, so I have adopted the following policy that I vigorously enforce:

I will use "JOHN" as my Referral Source PLUS I also agree to allow him to run my criminal record so he can place me.
; it's only fair. We all want to be paid for our work.