Apartment Find for Felons

Deferred Felonies

  No matter what you call a DA - its gonna cost you in court, probation fees, and apt feesNo Matter What You
Call "IT"
a Deferred Felony, Deferred Adjudication for a Felony, 
DA, Conditional Dismissal, Adjudication Withheld, Deferred Sentence or First Offender Felony...

If you try to Rent without a Locator that Specializes in Deferred Adjudications, you may lose your Application, Administrative Fees and Deposit, or, be sent to some "Felony Apartments"

Why do you lose your fees? I think the first reason is the way the Prosecutor's sell the Deferred Adjudication - "do your probation and no one is going to know about this".  Sign here - press hard.  The truth is until your D.A. is expunged (according to the present law in Texas) anybody, including apartment complexes can find out and reject your application.

The second reason is my client's don't know whether they should tell the complexes or not. This often costs them both their application fees AND their administration fees. Sometimes even their deposit is forfeited - since the apartments accuse them of filing a fraudulent application.

The third reason, and maybe the biggest reason, is that most apartment management companies don't have a policy dealing with the ever increasing amount of deferred adjudications.  And if they do, they usually treat the Deferred Felony as a Felony charge even though the State of Texas says a DA is not a finding of guilt. Compounding the problem is that few management companies train their staff to handle "Deferreds".

I specialize in DAs, that's what I call them.  And will take on all cases except for those dealing with sexual crimes (sorry - can't place those).

I know the complexes that are Deferred Felony friendly.  And you can be assuredIf you call it a Felony, to the apartments it means you have a Felony Conviction. You have a DA. that I will help you rent in the best apartments possible.  In fact, I know quite a few that allow Deferred Adjudications, which is the Texas terminology, but do not allow an actual Felony conviction.

I track apartments that accept a DA in all three phases::
  • Deferred Adjudication or Deferred Felony WHILE ON PROBATION

  • DA friendly apartments that only take client's AFTER THE PROBATION HAS ENDED

  • Those apartments that require a period of time, example, 5 YEARS AFTER THE PROBATION HAS ENDED
So, no matter what phase you are in "your Deferred Adjudication journey", I have an apartment for you. As your DA progresses from on-probation, to off-probation, to 5 years from the end of probation, there are more choices, because there are more complexes in every stage.

But, no matter what stage your DA is in, you really need my help.  Deferred Adjudications are very confusing to the majority of apartment complexes in Texas and you need someone working for you that can represent you and champion your interests.  

When you use me as your locator, you can rest assured that I will personally call your final list of apartment complexes and speak to them before you ever go in.  After all, I want to make sure you really have a good chance at acceptance - it's in both our interests for me help you do that.

Together, we can get you a great place.  All you have to do is click on the FIND MY TX APT link or call me today.  You can reach me from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM at my cell phone 832-303-3002 or leave me a message 24/7 or TEXT ME during Business Hours at one of the numbers below:

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The TX DA website has tons of information about the DA laws and is working hard to change them.